Property Inventory Services

What is an Inventory ?!?

Inventory is a term used to describe a record of a property’s contents at the beginning of a tenancy. It usually includes a detailed description of the following:

  • The rooms, furniture, and fittings of the rented property.
  • Meter readings which can be later used to set up accounts for the available utilities.
  • Photographic evidence to support the initially documented content.

The service is performed by the clerk prior to the tenants moving in.

The clerk carefully documents all relevant aspects of the rental and provides the report in a PDF format sent via email.

Combine your service with an Inventory Check-In Report

This is another step that can be taken as part of your inventory check-in to ensure that the tenancy will be devoid of disputes between both parties involved. Basically, this service is done when the new tenants are about to move in. The clerk will go through the inventory with the tenants, documenting everything, including the state of the property in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. The check-in report will include detailed information about the state of the inventory before the tenants move in. Here is what you can expect from the check-in inventory service:

  • Any details that might not be listed in the current inventory documentation are added.
  • The meter readings are checked and recorded once again in case the check-in is not done on the same day as the inventory.
  • The tenant receives the pictures and the key lists.
  • The keys to the property are given to the tenant.

We also do inventory check-out 

When the tenants are about to move out, an inventory check-out report can be arranged. The survey itself can be done when the tenants leave the property. The report includes detailed information about the condition of the rooms, as well as their contents and fixtures. Photos are included. The purpose behind this is to provide clear evidence if the property has sustained any damage throughout the tenancy period. The clerk will carefully compare the condition of the rental as it was before the tenancy period began and its current state.

In case you are unable to provide a check-in report, then only a schedule of condition report can be done. Here is what information it will include:

  • Meter readings;
  • Cleaning and maintenance issues;
  • Items that are missing from the place – can be verified only if we have the check-in report to compare with;
  • The keys to the property used by the tenant;
  • The tenant’s forwarding address.

Please note that this report does not feature information about the functionality of the bath, shower, taps, sinks, and general plumbing.


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