Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate, otherwise known as an EPC, provides an energy rating for a building.

The EPC outlines some ideas which help to improve the building’s energy performance. Implementing these can lead to lower energy bills, reduced carbon deposits and can make homes more attractive to potential buyers.

The EPC is divided into 4 subsections

1) The performance and environmental impact of the property
2) Estimated energy use based on occupancy assumptions
3) Energy performance features
4) Improvement recommendations report.  

New EPC Regulations

If you are a property manager or a private landlord, from 1st April 2020, all private sector rental properties must reach a minimum of “E” rating on their Energy Performance Certificate. This applies to new lets, renewed tenancies and also for existing tenancies.

It is illegal to rent a property which does not meet at least an “E” on its performance certificate.

These new MEES legislations affect all domestic and privately rented properties which are required by law to have an EPC carried out.

There are many ways to improve your energy efficient rating, replacing your old boiler for a newer, more efficient boiler is one of them, replacing single glazed windows to double glazing panes is another, changing your light bulbs to newer LED versions could also help increase your ratings a lot.

All Energy Safety EPC’s come with a full 10 years validity.


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